Solar Panel Repairs in Hull & East Yorkshire

Head On Electrical are committed to providing high quality solar panel installations and leaving customers entirely satisfied with the services they receive.  Unfortunately, not all solar panel companies are able to provide the same level of service, and sadly there are a few ‘cowboys’ in the industry who are happy to leave their customers high and dry. As a result of these problems demand for solar panel repair and maintenance has risen.

Our experience and expertise in Hull, Beverley, Holderness & the East Yorkshire areas in solar panel installations means we can maintain and fix solar panel problems, so you continue to enjoy the highest quality performance from your product.

Problems With Solar Panels

Common problems with solar panels include:

  • Solar panels not working efficiently or at all
  • Cracks and breaks on the solar panels
  • Damage to the roof from incorrect fitting during solar panel installation
  • Loose connections and other technical problems

Solar Panel Maintenance

Fortunately, Head On Electrical are willing and able to repair solar panels efficiently and effectively. With a wealth of experience as a company in high quality solar panel installations, we have the ability to fix  solar panel problems with our solar panel maintenance service. We can repair or replace solar panels which aren’t working, clean and maintain your panels, identify and rectify electrical faults, and reconstruct and repair any roof damage.

Electrical Problems With Solar Panels

Our electrical expertise and experience with solar arrays means we are able to deal with any technical and electrical problems, and fix the fault even if the problem lies not with the panels themselves but with the wiring or other electrical components.

Roofing Problems With Solar Panels

Our wealth of experience with roofing problems and roof repair means that no matter what solar panel problems you are experiencing, whether it be tiles broken during initial solar panel installation or more serious roofing damage, Head On Electrical can help.

Efficiency Problems With Solar Panels

Solar panels inevitably accumulate dirt which will reduce their effectiveness and efficiency. In this case, “repairs” may be as simple as cleaning and maintaining your panels, removing any dirt to maximise efficiency. With our specialist equipment and expertise we can access your roof and ensure the solar panels are clean and working effectively.

No Job Too Small

Head On Electrical are able to help with all solar panel problems no matter how big or small. From solar panel maintenance and cleaning to replacing the panels themselves. Contact Head On Electrical today for effective solar panel maintenance, repairs and system upgrades.