Tidy Van, Tidy Worker

Here at Head-On Electrical we take pride in our high standards of workmanship and we believe that this begins with an organised approach to our work. All of our engineers are issued with vans which are fully racked to ensure products and materials are stored tidily and easy to use. These are checked on a regular basis to ensure they are fully stocked, clean and all equipment is serviced and safe to use. Our staff are issued with embroidered workwear, and high-vis clothing, so that we promote a smart appearance, something that we believe continues into our work. The video [...]

By |July 9th, 2020|

Making technology work for us

Up until a few years ago when people saw the word tablet, they just used to think of something their doctor prescribed them. Nowadays the word ‘tablet’ means a lot more, to many people this is their device to access the web and stream video. For us the word ‘tablet’ means that we can keep our clients' information safe, no scraps of paper with important notes scribbled on them floating around with the possibility of being misplaced or lost. Not only that, as everything is online, we are largely reducing our carbon footprint. It means we can get to our [...]

By |June 3rd, 2020|